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Private schools review reports ​

DPS produces detailed and concise review reports about private schools performance in relation to the schools review framework guidelines and criteria. The report outlines in details the merits of the judgements and the effectiveness of procedures and actions taken by the school, and explain the judgements, the positive points and recommendat​ions for improving the performance. 
The summary of the report is found in the first three pages. This summary provides: the school’s recent judgement compared with the school’s performance in previous reviews, a summary of the school’s overall effectiveness and its capacity to improve, and the main positive features points and improvement recommendations.
This part of the report will be more useful for parents and researchers to provide a quick understanding about the school’s performance and history.
For more information about the details about the review aspects judgements and the areas for improvement in each aspect, you can refer to the whole report; which will be highly beneficial to the schools’ Principals, teachers, improvement specialists, and researchers.
Kindly follow the link to read all schools’ reports in Bahrain