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Open Data​

We believe in the importance of transparency and data accessibility, and we are committed to making public data available to everyone. By releasing datasets that are updated periodically on reviews, qualifications, and exams results, we can work together to address complex challenges and find innovative solutions.

We invite you to explore our open data and hope that our datasets will inspire you to innovate and help us to create a better future for all.

To view or download below files, please rig​ht click on file name and select "Save link as..​"

To request further Open Data, you may fill "Request of Information​" form available under Services

Results of Government Schools Reviews.xlsx82 KB Results of Government Schools Reviews7/13/2023 8:53 AM
Results of Higher Education Reviews.xlsx52 KB Results of Higher Education Reviews7/13/2023 8:56 AM
Results of National Examinations.xlsx36 KB Results of National Examinations7/18/2023 9:27 AM
Results of National Framework Operations.xlsx89 KB Results of National Framework Operations7/13/2023 8:56 AM
Results of Private Schools Reviews.xlsx42 KB Results of Private Schools Reviews7/13/2023 8:55 AM
Results of Vocational Reviews.xlsx56 KB Results of Vocational Reviews7/13/2023 8:56 AM