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Open Data Policy​

Overview of Open Data:
Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) seeks to sustainably improve quality and competitiveness in the education and training sectors. BQA promote transparency and public participation by making the education and training institutions' data open, accessible, and reusable. The data  is updated periodically, through the open data page.
Principle of Participation:
Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) encourages the audience and researchers to access and analyze education and training institutions' data to inform decisions and support innovation.

Sharing Tools:
Open data platform available on the BQA website under the Services Section.

Policy Rules:

  • The data set will be made available to the public in a timely manner, without unnecessary limitation or restrictions.
  • Data will be provided in a format that is simple, direct, and meet technical standards.
  • Proper documentation and metadata will be provided to explain the data and enhance transparency.​
    Terms and Conditions:
    Participants must comply with the terms and conditions of the BQA website, as well as the laws in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain.​