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​​The Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA), in cooperation with the e-Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has launched two e-blogs to communicate through them with the public and those concerned with the quality and development of the education and training system in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The e-blogs aim to promote opportunities for communication, cooperation and participation with all parties at the community and educational levels and to respond to inquiries from students, parents, teaching and administrative staff, executive officials or educators with regard to the BQA’s evaluation systems, review procedures, strategies, site visit mechanisms and objectives, review results, the quality of institutional and educational performance, and the NQF institutional listing, qualification placement and alignment of foreign qualifications on the NQF. 
The first blog was launched on 08 May 2016, and the second one on 01 July 2019. Through both blogs, the parties had direct contact with Dr. Jawaher Shaheen Al Mudhahki, Chief Executive of the Education and Training Quality Authority, who responded to a range of important inquiries and questions in Arabic and English. All questions were answered. The number of views and posts of both blogs exceeded 12,000; in addition to participants through e-Government website.

Below are the links of both e-blogs: