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Institution Listing Id Listing Date Licensed By Sector Status Institutional Listing Decision

Ahlia University

Royal University for Women

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland- Medical University of Bahrain

University of Bahrain

Bahrain Polytechnic

Bahrain Training Institute

Applied Science University

Genetech Training and Development

Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance

Kingdom University

National Institute for Industrial Training

Safety Training and Consultants Center (STC)

British Language Centre

Tylos Human Development

Horizons HRD

Gulf University

Gulf Aviation Academy

Pro Cloud Training Center

Al Moalem Institute

EMIC Training

Golden Trust Training & Consultancy

AlMashreq Training

Delmon Academy for Computer and Managerial Sciences

Origin Training Centre

American Cultural and Educational Center

Access Training Center

The Nine Training Center

Logic Institute for Training & Human Resource Development

Regal Gulf Training Centre

American University of Bahrain