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Chief Executive Message​

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is built on the belief that the Bahraini people are this country’s greatest asset. Every step taken towards the overall development of this nation has that belief as a core element, and it is therefore safe to say that the future of this country depends on ensuring that we deliver the highest standards of education, training and the transfer of practical skills. Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 recognises that education and training are both important elements in delivering the future of our country. 
Since the establishment of the formal education system in Bahrain in 1919, serious efforts have been made by the government to explore and examine all international and Arab advances in the field of education. In this way Bahrain has become the acknowledged regional leader in education, attracting students from the region and further afield, to profit from its unparalleled learning and educational institutions.
In recent years, knowledge has experienced rapid advancement, which has c​reated multiple new specializations, new skill sets, and shifted global trends in human capital requirements. As a result of this unprecedented growth, it became essential to establish national organizations and bodies that focus on ensuring Quality in Education and Training. Additionally, competitiveness has soared to even higher levels, and the national wealth of many countries has become less important as a driver than the creation of a true knowledge economy. No nation can progress without developing and improving the quality of its human capital.

BQA was officially established pursuant to the Royal Decree No. (32) of  2008, and was re-organised pursuant to the Royal Decree No. (83) of 2012 as a national organization to ensure quality in the field of education and training, we have been undertaking a major project, and know that we are an important element in “Shaping Bahrain’s Future” We at the BQA are cognizant that there can be no future without the highest quality of education and training. Our role is to ensure this quality by reviewing and analyzing the performance of educational establishments, national exams, redressing weaknesses and building on strengths at schools and higher educational institutions to reach our national goals. and to develop and implement the national qualifications framework and ensure that the quality of education and training in Bahrain meets international standards and good practice in accordance with the vision set by the National Education Reform ​Initiatives.

We know that our task is not an easy one. However, with the support of all government entities and the cooperation of all educational and training facilities in Bahrain, we are confident that we will easily achieve our goals from which the Bahraini people will benefit.
 May God the Almighty grant us the wisdom to achieve our goals.​

Dr. Tariq Al Sindi
Chief Executive ​of Education and Training Quality Authority ​