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Digital Transformation & Governance

Digital Transformation of the Directorates' Operations:

1.    Establishment of electronic systems and platforms that provide the following services:

  • - Documents are delivered to education and training institutions by the Authority and received electronically from them.
  • - Provision of electronic forms for parents, students, teachers/trainers, employers, learners and private schools.
  • - Automation of National Examination procedures to keep pace with local and global developments through th​e shift of examinations from traditional pattern to electronic pattern. -
  • - Seeking an interactive electronic platform (one stop shop) to automate registration, scheduling and delivery of applications, and working on all National Qualifications Framework operations, including Qualification Placement, Institutional Listing, and Alignment of Foreign Qualifications processes. 
  • - Establishing a system to monitor policies and operations.
  • - ​Establishing News Archive System. 
  • - Establishing a system for scheduling executive management meetings. 
  • - Establishing a system for filing and storing information items (photos, videos...etc.).


2.    Cloud Computing:
BQA is keen to adopt the cloud first policy in collaboration with the Information and e-Government Authority, whereas it transferred its systems to AWS and Office 365.


3.    Updating review frameworks and evaluation policies to commensurate with digital transformation:

- The Education and Training Quality Authority has updated its educational and training review frameworks, making twenty-first century skills a central basis for its reviews to keep abreast with the 4th Industrial Revolution changes, which contribute to the realization of Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030.

- Replacement of normal evaluation visits with virtual visits to education and training institutions based on the evaluation framework of the quality of practices during exceptional circumstances.

- Adoption of cloud computing to receive applications from education and training institutions through OneDrive and Google Drive platforms.

4.    Awards:

  • - Excellence Award by Information & e-Government Authority- The Best e-project – 2014
  • - National Enterprise Architecture Framework Maturity level 1 by Information & e-Government Authority - 2016
  • - Level 1 Certificate in “Trust Program"  by Information & e-Government Authority by 2018.
  • - Level 2 Certificate in “Trust Program"  by Information & e-Government Authority by 2019


5.    Linking with other government authorities:

 - Linking with the CSB Public Service Sector Attendance and Departure working hours System (GTAS).
- Linking with the CSB Human Resource Management Information System (Horizon).
- The Authority's participation in implementing the strategies of the Supreme Council for Women.
- Collaboration with Information and e-Government Authority in implementing the Employment Skills Project.
- Linking with the Ministry of Finance System (CFS).
- Linking Project with the Labour Fund (Tamkeen).

6.    Electronic Training:

​- Organiz​ation of workshops, forums, conferences and meetings through electronic platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic.