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Directorate of National Examinations​​

​The Directorate of National Examinations (DNE) within the General Directorate of National Qualifications Framework & National Examinations is one of the directorates of the Education & Training Quality Authority (BQA), according to the Royal Decree No. (83), 2012. DNE is mandated to prepare and conduct national examinations to test performance levels of students in the stages of pre-university education.

The main objectives of the Directorate of national examinations are summarised as follows:
·         Independently assess the Kingdom of Bahrain students’ performance in Grades:3, 6, and 9 in the core subject​s:  Ara​​bic, English, Mathematics and Science, and for Grade 12: Arabic, English and Problem-Solving
·         Develop test specifications according to the national curriculum and in line with international standards​
·         Develop examinations that are valid, reliable and fit for purpose
·         Administer and conduct national examinations effectively and efficiently
·         Publish national examination results an​d reports, and make them available to all concerned stakeholders
·         Communicate with all  concerned stakeholders in an effective and sustainable manner, to contribute towards improving and developing the education system in the Kingdom of Bahrain​