BQA Holds the 1st Induction Session to BQA Ambassadors

BQA Holds the 1st Induction Session to BQA Ambassadors



The Chief Executive of the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA), Dr. Tariq Al-Sindi, stressed that the operationalization of the principle of partnership, sharing of good practice among education and training institutions and building of their capacity in terms of quality assurance processes were and remain key roles of the Authority, which was the starting point for the launch of the "BQA Ambassadors" initiative.


This came during the induction session of the "BQA Ambassadors" initiative launched by the Authority, in the presence of 32 ambassadors from more than 30 education institutions; universities, schools and vocational training providers in Bahrain To review the idea of the initiative in detail and get the BQA Ambassadors from representatives of education and training institutions acquainted with the Authority's standards to ensure the quality of its adoption, transfer the experience gained, and provide technical support to the internal quality assurance teams in the institutions involved in the initiative; contributing to their improved performance.


“This initiative is based on the Authority's belief in the role that relevant parties can play by contributing to the achievement of its strategic objectives, while raising the level of performance and disseminating good practice in such institutions, and its importance is to raise awareness of the objectives and operations of the Authority and the benefits to the education and training sector in general by adhering to its standards and frameworks," Dr. Al-Sindi added.


The BQA CE also stated that this type of initiative has an impact on enhancing the effectiveness of education and training institutions in terms of adhering to the requirements and standards of the Authority, as well as raising awareness of the culture of participation, and advancing the continuous internal improvement of their performance.  This will positively reflect the quality of self-evaluation reports, institutional listing requests and supporting evidence provided to the Authority and reduce the processing time of requests.


On her part, Ms Danah Rabeea, Chairperson of the BQA Ambassadors Initiative Coordination and Implementation Committee, pointed out the importance of the BQA Ambassadors' induction session being the largest gathering of experts and quality assurance practitioners in the Kingdom for the exchange of experiences amongst participants regarding QA practices. She also said this initiative will be a prelude to the implementation of the project's agenda, including the entry of ambassadors into a training programme titled:  "Professional Qualification in Quality Assurance Operations - Level 6", each according to the sector to which he/she belongs.


“Upon the completion of the training programme, candidates are expected to act as a contact point between the BQA and their institutions, transfer the gained experience to the internal quality assurance teams and provide them with the needed support to improve their performance. More importantly, they will provide  BQA with their feedback, which is a valuable source for improving its operations," she added.​