QQA meets universities to prepare for the second phase of institutional review

The National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training (QQA) held a meeting with all the universities in the kingdom to discuss the current institutional framework, in order to improve it and implement it in the new review cycle.
“The importance of the meeting comes to ensure the strategic partnership between QQA and the government and private universities in the kingdom”, said Dr. Jawaher Al Madhahki, the CE of QQA.
She added, “All the 12 universities were represented in the meeting. We had a good discussion with all the universities presidents and representatives. The aim of the meeting is to review all the procedures done during the first cycle of the institutional review and prepare for an improved version of the institutional review in the second review cycle which will start next September”.
Dr. Jawaher emphasized on the big impact of the previous review reports which outlined the futuristic ambitions in improving the institutional review framework, which is a fundamental part in international good practices of quality assurance to ensure the sustainability of internal quality assurance.
Amongst the attendance were: University of Bahrain, Ahlia University, Arab Open University, AMA University, Gulf University, University College of Bahrain, Royal University for Women, Applied Science University, Kingdom University, Royal College of Surgeons Medical University of Bahrain, Bahrain Polytechnic, Talal Abu Ghazaleh University College of Business.