Forum highlights Schools’ Quality Challenges and Turnaround Leadership

The National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training (QQA) held the third forum of the Directorate of Government Schools Reviews and Directorate of Private Schools and Kindergartens Reviews under the title “Schools’ Quality Challenges and Turnaround Leadership” from 12 to 13 February.
“QQA is aiming to help in creating a culture of on-going debate and discussions where Bahraini schools learn from each other in light of good practices identified during school reviews and the contribution of leadership in turning around schools. This would serve Bahrain’s educational ambitions and contribute to the achievement of the kingdom’s vision 2030” The CE of QQA Dr. Jawaher Al Mudhahki said.
Dr. Jawaher also confirmed the big efforts that is exerted in order to realize sustainability of quality assurance of education within the elementary phase of schooling.
She added, “ This Forum recognizes senior leadership in schools as a prominent critical change agent. Leading teachers effectively will facilitate and carry the mission of change to their context and play a vital role in educational reforms”.
During the opening speech, Dr. Haya Al Mannai - The General Director of Education and Training Institutes Reviews stressed the importance of the leadership role in improving the schools’ performance.
She said, “The forum is organized for schools’ senior and middle management and consultants to share their experiences as well as interacting with their colleagues who have effectively turned around their schools, in spite of their circumstances to good or better levels of performance”.
The forum keynote speakers will provide an insight into the latest international developments in turnaround leadership and change management. The forum will also draw upon lessons from case studies in schools.
The objectives of the forum are to drive practical turnaround strategies in schools by showcase and share schools’ quality challenges turnaround leadership cases from the Bahraini context, analyze strengths and areas for development in current school leadership practices, share international experiences through direct interaction in discussions and workshops to inform best practice for Bahraini schools and provide networking opportunities with leadership professionals in your field to promote turnaround initiatives.