QQA Launched Web Page to Conduct Parents Survey Towards their sons Schools

The National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training (QQA) has launched a new web page as part of its ongoing approach in review processes to conduct a survey for parents to get their opinion about the schools where their children study.
“This initiative comes to strengthen the bonds of communication between QQA and parents especially when it comes to schools evaluations and reviews. The page was activated on 26 January and coincide with the start of the second semester reviews of the current academic year 2013/2014. QQA  will contact the parents  related to the schools to be reviewed, through e-mails and text messages to invite them to fill in the online evaluation forms ” The CE of QQA Dr.Jawaher Al Mudhahki said.
She added:” QQA is keen to get the parents ideas, opinions and thoughts about their sons and daughters  schools, which is considered a key step in the review process and contributes to the thorough evaluation of the school performance”. 
“We used to send the parents forms and ask them to fill them manually, but now this page is meant to make things easier to the parents and QQA review teams as well as  to increase the credibility and transparency between the parents and QQA”, she commented.
“This web page is one of many initiatives which QQA implemented to confirm its commitment towards improving the schools performance while ensuring credibility and transparency as core values, which will be reflected positively on the learning outcomes. In addition, the new system will save time and effort”, she concluded.
In the second review cycle, QQA has reviewed the performance of  148 out of a total of 206 public schools and 44 out of 62 private schools to be reviewed by QQA.