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BQA Job​s

The education and Training Quality Authority is conducting National Examinations to asses the educational performance of studunds within the kingdom of Bahrain. Accordingly, the Authoriy is now seeking candidates in the following areas on part-time contracts during the examinations and marking period, starting from February 2020.  Please be advised that the duration of the contract will depend on the period required to complete the work.

Los Angeles



Qualified teachers to mark The National Examinations:
·      Grade 12: English Language From 1 March to 17 March 20
 ·     Grade 6: English Language 1 to 22 April 2020

The marking timing will be as follows:
-Weekdays from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
- Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

The candidate must:
1.    Hold a qualification in the subject of specialization.
2.    Have at least 2-year experience in teaching the subject.
3.    Have practiced teaching over the last five years.
4.  Have their own transportation.​

Item Writer:​

​Expert and qualified teachers to write items in the following subjects for the National Examinations:
· Grades 6: English Language
· Grade 12:  English Language and Problem Solving (English version)

Note: The selected candidates must attend a training course in item writing. 

The candidate must:
1.  Hold a qualification in the subject of specialization. For Problem Solving​​, the candidate must hold a qualifcations in ​Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Engineering or any relevant specialisation.
2.  Have at least  three years experience in teaching the subject.
3​.  Have experience in assessment.