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Vision, Mission & Values​

To be leaders in fostering sustainable quality enhancement for world-class education and training sectors in Bahrain
We foster sustainable quality enhancement in the education and training sectors in Bahrain through:
-   Setting standards and guidelines to measure the quality of the performance of education and training institutions, and mapping the National qualifications.
-   Conducting quality reviews of education and training institutions to ensure accountability and continuous improvement.
-   Developing and implementing a National Examination System that provides a credible assessment of learners’ achievement in the pre-university stages.
-   Managing the National Qualifications Framework that recognizes all forms of learning and accommodates outcome-based, fit for purpose National qualifications.
-   Publishing quality reviews, qualifications and national examination reports that are accurate and transparent for quality enhancement and decision making.
-   Instigating national capacity building activities to support quality enhancement and sustainability in education and training institutions
-   Enhancing partnership and communication with our stakeholders.
We adhere to professional standards in all our activities consistent with international best practice
-   INTEGRITY           
We are honest, objective and ethical in our work.
We are impartial and conduct our work in an equitable  manner
We operate with openness and publish full details of our methodologies and reports of our services
We maintain conformity and steadfast adherence to our guidelines in all our activities
-   CREDIBILITY        
We provide reliable and trustworthy services that are trusted by all our stakeholders
We aim to invest in Bahrain’s future through  the capacity building of the national human capital​​